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Village Schools in Bawal and Rorkee, UP

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Chanana Welfare Foundation

The COVID-19 pandemic brought challenging times with it especially for young people as schools have been closed meaning their education was placed at an abrupt halt. Being at home without any formal education for the last two years left children questioning their futures in the educational system.

Seeing the situation of the young students in Bawal and Roorkee, I asked them all to send their feedback, on how they would like to spend their time at home. Many of the young students and expressed their desire to learn more on the current situation. Some of them wanted to express themselves artistically and learn through other media.

The main objective of this project was to provide children with resources that would keep them engaged with their education in the midst of global change. Studying their feedback, I made a list of books that would empower the minds of tomorrow to thrive in the post-COVID world. To maintain variation in the genres of literature, I sent books to these young individuals, written by the likes of President Abdul Kalam, David Schwartz and other inspirational leaders. Not neglecting their educational needs, I sent them academic resources to ensure that students would not be losing two valuable years of their education. Having seen the impact of wordle at Wellington, I decided to send individuals a collection of crossword puzzles and sudoku to keep them mentally stimulated and continue to grow their burgeoning curiosity for learning.

For children to express themselves in a creative way, I created a package of art supplies for young children to explore and develop their artistic skills which provided them with a hobby or distraction from the world around them. As a Gen-Z member, I recognise the power of technology which has prompted me to send smartphones and laptops to the people of Bawal and Roorkee to further their pursuits of learning and to gain a better understanding of the technological revolution that has transcended the world.

Coming from India, I recognized the power of collective communities which allowed me to send board games and footballs to provide enrichment and joy to children during the pandemic.

My philanthropic philosophy can be encapsulated in the following quote:

“It does not matter who helps struggling communities, it only matters that they are helped and empowered to lead in the future.”



100 Chart paper 800 Pencils 100 Sharpeners 135 sets of Sketch Pens 10 Geometry boxes 10 Calculators 10 sets of Hindi consonants and vowels learning materials 200 Hindi workbooks 10 sets of Hindi Crosswords

Inspirational Books

10 copies of Agni ki udaan by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam 10 copies of Vitamin Zindagi by Lalit kumar 10 copies of Badi soch ka bada jaadu by David J Schwartz 10 copies of Twelth Fail by Anurag Pathak 8 copies of English grammar books for 10th standard 8 copies of Scienece books for 10th standard 8 copies of Physics books for 12th standard 8 sets of Science books (Phy, Chem & Bio) for 12th standard 8 copies of Political science books for 12th standard 8 copies of Ancient History books for 12th standard 8 copies of Maths books for 12th standard 16 copies of General Knowledge books in hindi.

Entertainment/ Tech

10 sets of Ludo, snakes & ladders 10 pcs of Carom board 10 pcs of Footballs 5 mobile

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