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Helping the Community During COVID-19

The pandemic has been a very difficult period for most people. It has been especially hard on care homes and runaway shelters, which depend on outside help. Through the tragedies of the pandemic, the care homes help and support all those who have been dried up. After speaking to friends and seeing the situation on the ground through the news, the lack of covidhelp and funding, I decided to support two shelter homes in Delhi who take care of young children: Jamghat and Udayan Care.

As a young person, it is very important for me that all vulnerable and underprivileged children are taken care of and given the help and support that they deserve. I believe that each child deserves respect and feels wanted.


Jamghat – A Group of Street Children

Jamghat is a runaway shelter, where vulnerable children are taken care of, they live, and are educated by the shelter. I visited this shelter when I was very young and interacted with children of a similar age. I worked with the carers at the shelter to understand their daily routine with items such as rice, wheat, cooking oil, pulses, salt, sugar, and toiletries being the most prominent. I worked with wholesale suppliers to provide all the resources listed above, on a monthly basis to ensure that all children were well nourished and taken care of.

Udayan Care Home

Udayan Care home is a home where young girls and boys live and have their education, nutritional and domestic needs taken care of. I worked with Udayan Care to ensure all the daily needs of the children’s nutrition and sanitary needs were met which consisted of rice, wheat, cooking oil, sugar, pulses, and toiletries sent to them on a monthly basis.

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Village Schools in Bawal & Roorkee, UP

Seeing the situation of the young students in Bawal and Roorkee where schools had been closed due to the pandemic, I requested them all to send their feedback on how they would like to spend their time at home. Many of the young students and the young children expressed their desire to learn about the pandemic and the situation that they found themselves in with some wanting to express themselves artistically and learn through other media such as literature and the arts.

Sasakawa – India Leprosy Foundation

After hearing about these laws, I was deeply moved to find a way to help people with leprosy as I could empathize with them but for a different reason: I was ostracised by members of the Indian community as I had ADHD. Thus, I contacted leper homes in New Delhi where I now donate food, water, and blankets to families in need. This occurs on a weekly basis as I believe that helping others should be a consistent behavior rather than a solitary occurrence.


Serving the Community on Daily Basis

On 22nd November 2021, I served soup to my fellow students as part of ‘Soup Day’: a termly event where students are served soup instead of their regular meals with the money being donated to the Crowthorne Foodbank to support those in need.


My initiative of feeding homeless people on daily basis with SWAT.