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Play For Ukraine

Having seen the atrocities occurring in Ukraine, I was deeply concerned by the world’s response to the issue. This concern moved me to try and use my linguistic and cultural understanding as a 17-year-old. Initially, hearing the news about Hungary, Poland, and Romania accepting Ukrainian refugees filled me with a sense of relief; however, relief soon turned to responsibility as I strived to find ways to help these refugees. With football being one of my core passions, I decided to launch the #playforukraine initiative where I would send footballs and football kits to refugee camps. I play for Ukraine. Will you?

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I am a young student who believes in giving back to places that  I have taken from. I'm very passionate about football, food, cuisine, and cultures.

Born and raised in New Delhi, I was educated at Caldicott Prep School in the UK from 2015 to 2018 and is currently at Wellington College in the UK from where I will graduate in 2023.

I believe literature, learning, and sport are inextricably linked. One of my fundamental beliefs is that educating young people gives them a better understanding of life and helps them achieve their future goals. I believe that giving back should be a core value and principle of every single human being which they must encapsulate in their daily life. Whether it be children enjoying themselves playing sports or enjoying themselves reading, I'm filled with joy when I see individuals striving to improve themselves through any means of learning. An area I believe this is exhibited is through sport, an activity that removes all socio-economic, ethnic, and racial divides whilst also providing a creative platform for people to express themselves.

Noticing the uncertainty and fear that was created by the pandemic, I decided to spearhead the project of educating young people during the pandemic and helping care homes. Seeing and hearing the plights of many unfortunate children unnerved me which led me to dedicate time, effort, and energy to helping those less fortunate than me back in his native India: a country where the loss of life is taken with a pinch of salt due to the sheer size of the population. According to me, the value of life is priceless and the simple fact that we are alive should not be taken for granted. This perspective of gratefulness is one that I embody in my daily life.



Spent at Caldicott school where I completed the Common Entrance examinations and was a weekly boarder. This experience helped me understand British school culture.

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During my time at Wellington College, I have been in an environment with a burgeoning international culture where I have had a wide range of opportunities and met people from all around the world.

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Completed a Leadership and Entrepreneurship course at Georgetown University in July 2019 where I learnt the key skills needed to form a business such as writing a business plan and pitching to investors. During the summer of 2021, I completed a Sports Industry Management course with Georgetown University where I was able to learn more about the sports industry in the US and the economics behind it.


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